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Apr 14, 2021

Our guest today is Dr. Clive Lim who is based in Singapore. After working a decade in corporate business, Clive started TeleChoice International in 1999, which employs 2,000 people today. In the midst of growing his business, Clive took a break to study theology at Regent College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He now teaches theology classes on money, leadership, and the marketplace in Singapore and Vancouver. Clive is still involved in business, working as the Managing Director of Leap International, which is a family investment firm based in Singapore that he started.

Clive has authored two books. The first is titled “Chinese Entrepreneurship in Singapore: History, Faith, and Culture”. The second book is called “Money Matters: Faith, Life, and Wealth” and is co-authored with our very own Dr. Paul Stevens.

Here’s some highlights from the podcast:

  • Clive’s story of growing up without money and how it impacted his view of money

  • Clive’s career journey from working in the corporate world to starting his business

  • The key factors in the success of his business

  • How becoming a Christian did or did not impact his view on money

  • Why money is so powerful and why it has such a hold on people

  • Reflections on using money as a measure of success

  • How Clive sold his first business, became a theology professor, and started a new business

  • How teaching and entrepreneurship are two parts of Clive’s vocation

  • How Clive was able to let go of the pursuit of money

After the interview, Tim asks Paul about his thoughts and reflections from the conversation, including:

  • Paul’s story of growing up with money and how it impacted his view of money

  • What Paul and Clive write about in their book, “Money Matters: Faith, Life, and Wealth”