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Apr 28, 2021

Our guest today is George Bedlion, who is the lead pastor at Whitewater Church in Northwest Washington. The reason we interviewed George is to understand how he, as a pastor, supports the people in his church in living out their callings in the world.

Our conversation is divided into two podcast episodes. In this episode, George shares the story of starting Whitewater Church, how they reached out to their neighbourhood, and his church’s vision for supporting their people from Monday to Saturday.

Here’s some highlights from the podcast:

  • George’s story of starting his work in youth ministry and then starting a church plant

  • How his church plant started by being a good neighbour and hosting neighbourhood block parties

  • His church’s vision of supporting their people from Monday to Saturday

  • How pastors are the servants to the servants

  • How he sees the role of Christians as primarily gospel and grace finders, instead of gospel and grace bringers