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May 5, 2021

Our guest today is George Bedlion, who is the lead pastor at Whitewater Church in Northwest Washington. This is part two of our conversation with George. In the last episode George shared about how he started Whitewater Church, how pastors are servants to the servants, and how he sees his church as not grace and gospel bringers, but grace and gospel finders.

In today’s episode, George shares what it looks like for his church to help people find their vocations and callings, affirm them, and empower them. Stay until the end, because Paul and Tim have a discussion about the role of storytelling, and the places in the Bible that talk about calling. 

Here’s some highlights from the podcast:

  • What is looks like for Whitewater Church to support people in their vocation

  • The church asking the question, “What are our people stewarding?”

  • How the “grace vs works” line of thinking creates misconceptions about vocational work

  • The theme of vocation throughout the Bible

  • How grace is God’s activity at work through humans and through people

  • How Paul’s prayers in the Bible were thanking God for the callings, unique giftings, and vocations of believers