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Apr 7, 2021

Andre Chen is the CEO of DENHAM, which is an international brand that makes premium-quality jeans. The business has over 200 employees worldwide with offices in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Tokyo and Shanghai and over $50 million euros in revenue since it started over 10 years ago.

After Andre graduated with his MBA in sports marketing, he sent out hundreds of resumes until he finally landed his dream job with Nike. Andre rose through the ranks at Nike over 17 years, until he was managing all the commercials in Greater China and through the Olympics. And then he left Nike. After a few failed ventures, he started working at an international fashion company called Trendy Group. Trendy purchased a majority stake in the Dutch company DENHAM, and because of Andre’s international and leadership experience, he was asked to take over as CEO of DENHAM.

In our interview with Andre we talk about success, and how his views on success have changed as he’s grown older as a business person and matured as a follower of Jesus.

After our conversation with Andre, Dr. Paul Stevens shares about his thoughts and insights into what Andre had to say.